Place your personalized touchpoints in strategic places across your hotels: In the lobby, the elevator,  the breakfast area, or even directly in the rooms. Your guests will be able to take a look at your recommendations wherever they are! 

You can share recommendations with your guests via online and offline touchpoints. 

Online: Integration on website, banners for communication or pre-stay email. 

Offline: Posters, business cards, stickers, key card holders and table sets that can be displayed at the reception, in the elevator, breakfast area or directly in guest rooms. 

Customize touchpoints with your branding. 

Your guests will only have to scan the QR code or click on the link to access your lists. 

Business cards: Hand these out at check-in , so your guests can keep them in their pocket or wallet during their trip. Whenever they need some inspiration, they can scan the QR code and see your selections. 

Website integration/pre-stay emails or banners: Help your travelers with inspiration and trip planning,  giving them some ideas on what to do at destination. 

Key card holder: Also to be handed out at check in , along with the guests’ key, so guests will have access to it at any time during their trip. 

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Posters: Place these at the reception or in the elevator with either a link to a top activity, a specific list, or several lists with your recommended activities. 

Stickers: Place these in the guest rooms – visible, but not too big. When your guests are in their room and thinking of what to do next, they can simply scan it to get some ideas. 

Table set: Place these in your breakfast area. Your guests will be able to enjoy their breakfast, while also planning their day ahead thanks to your selections.  

How does it work?

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1.Request your touchpoints

Request and receive the touchpoints of your choice

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2.Share with your guests

Display your touchpoints or hand them directly to your guests so they can access your recommendations  

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3.Travelers can enjoy experiences

Your guests can view the activities, select the ones they prefer and book them quickly and easily 

About our touchpoints

By using different touchpoints, you can quickly offer and recommend the best local tourist activities around your hotel to your guests. You can share them before they arrive at their destination, as well as during their stay. 

Yes! Our touchpoints are personalized with your logo and your branding, so they can perfectly fit in at your accommodation. 

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