Colleagues that work together, grow together

Invite your hotel’s colleagues to Amadeus Discover and get a 200€ voucher.

Became an Amadeus Discover ambassador and help us to shape the destination world and deliver better traveler journey experiences. 

How does it work?

Follow the 3 steps below and receive an email with your voucher.

3 Steps to recommend a hotel

Fill out the form below with your hotel colleague’s details.

Condition : the hotel needs to be based in Spain, Germany in Europe and in Miami and New-York City in the US.

As soon as you fill out the form, your colleague will receive the steps to join Amadeus Discover, where our team will give full support for the activation process.  

The conditions are the following ones:                       

  • The invited hotel should implement at least 2 touch-points in the following list: QR codes stickers, posters, business cards or pre-stay banner.
  • And have a minimum of 1 user per room for a month with a minimum of 20 users in total.

The starting date begins once the hotel has received his touch-points and implemented them.

We will carefully track the activity of your referred colleague.

You will receive the voucher once your colleague has been activated following the conditions on step 2.  

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