Our onboarding program

Our onboarding program is here to encourage you to get familiar with Amadeus Discover, support your touchpoints implementation, and make recommendations to your guests so they can book directly online.

For the first month, we will reward you with an extra commission.

Benefits of the onboarding program

How does it work?

Prize: Get 1€ per user (unique visit).

For example, if you get 100 users, you will get 100€.

Duration: 1 month once the first touchpoint is implemented.


  • 20 users minimum.
  • 2 touchpoints minimum implemented:
    • Physical: QR on stickers, business cards, or posters.
    • Digital: banner for pre-stay email or for room directory.

Thank you for joining our family! Our team is delighted to help you on your onboarding!

Don’t miss this chance to boost your customer satisfaction and increase your revenues.

How can you start?

  1.  Request your touchpoints by filling out the form below,      
  2.  Implement your touchpoints,     
  3.  Share your recommendations with your guests,
  4. Once the month is completed, you will receive your score and prize.

Request your touchpoint and get started with the onboarding program!

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