Amadeus Discover Agent Portal tutorial

How to start with Amadeus Discover's Agent Portal?

Find below a simple guide to start using the Agent Portal.

The Travel Agent Portal is a tool that helps agents to find and book activities. 

1.  As an agent, you will receive  your personal credentials to login.

After login in, you can then change the operating currency if you wish so,  from the top bar on the right : 

2. The activity search from the agent portal is the first step of the agent flow:

The research bar at the top of the page allows agents to search for activities by : Activity Title, Activity City or Activity Country.

3. After arriving on the search results, you can use the filters on the left side to refine your search:

Or you can sort activities by price:

4. Once an activity has been chosen, you can use the calendar on the right to find prices and ticket options: 

You can also find additional information about the product in the bottom half of the page:

5. After entering the booking details click on ”Book Now” to move on to the payment:

 6. Next step is adding a booking reference, the customer’s first and last name, their phone number, and the agent’s Email address.

You then accept the terms and services and click on ”Complete Booking” :

7. Depending on the portal setup, the agent can enter credit card information as a mean of payment, or if invoice based, the agent only needs to CONFIRM the booking, by clicking on ”Pay now”.

The agent will then receive a confirmation Email, along with a Booking Code provided on the next screen, which is a booking reference of the activity :

Using the same Login and password as the agent portal, you can access the bookings list on a second tool called the extranet.

Simply click  on ”Bookings”.

You will then access a list of all your bookings:

You can search for a booking by using the booking code, provided at the end of the booking process:

Or you can filter the list by Booking State, Partner channel, Partner, Supplier, Synchronization source and Booking origin.

1. Click on ”My Product” in the sidebar menu on the right.

2. Then click on ”Action”, to open the actions list.

3. Then simply click ”Create Product” to move on to the next step.

4. You can then start setting up your product’s details, starting form the Supplier, Product Name, Description and Location.


  • You can you use the drop down menu to open the supplier list and select your supplier. 
  • In case your product supplier is not on the list, you can simply add it, by clicking on ”Supplier” in the Homepage.

Then click on ”Action” and ”Create Supplier

You then have to provide the name of the supplier, and you can also add contact information and an address. Finally click on ”Save”, to add your supplier to the list.

5. You will then have to add a picture (or more) for your product.

As well as a product Category, by clicking on ”Add new category” to open the categories list (you can add more than one category).

6. Next step is Pricing:

  • You start by setting up the currency from the Dropdown menu.
  • Then you select your Price Type: Per Equipment, Per Person or Per Group. 
  • The maximum number of participants for each timeslot.
  • Then select a price for at least one Age Category.

 7. After providing all the necessary information, simply click on ”Save” to add you product.

Now that the basics are provided you can move forward with the next steps, where you can add even more details to your product:

1. You can start by adding more Content to your product, by clicking on ”Content” in the sidebar menu:

Then click on ”Add” to add more content details:

There is a defined list of possible content your can add such as: Available Day, Exclusion (what is excluded from the activity), Inclusion (what is included in the activity), Meeting pointFinishing point, etc.

Let’s take the example of adding an inclusion, to do that, click on the arrow to open the content types list:

Select ”Inclusion”: 

You can then start adding more details in the Description box:

And finally click on ”Save”. You will then be redirected to a list of all your added content.

2. You can then add Cancellation Penalties, from the sidemenu:

You can then add more detail by clicking on ”Add”, and choose the type of penalty you want to implement:

And the period of the penalty:

And finally click on ”Save” to add your penalties.

Commission rate:

1. The supplier commission rate is set up by default, it is usually 0.2. You can find the details by clicking  on  ”Commission Rate” then ”Supplier Commission Rates”.


You will the find the details on the commission rate.

2. If you want to add a Product Commission rate, click on ”Availability” on the sidebar menu.

Click on ”Add” to enter availability details:

  • You will first have to provide an Availability Name: which is the name that is going to be displayed to the agent.

  • You will then have to provide the Duration of the activity, and the Capacity, which is the number of availabilities for each time slot.

  • You need to also set up the capacity Threshold, which is the number of people that must be booked on the availability for it to become valid.
  • And the start time of the activity.

  • Now to set up a commission for the product, you will have to add a ”Pricing Category” by clicking on ”Add new” . Let’s add for example the adult price category:
      • To do that, you will have to name the category, setup a minimum and maximum age.
      • Select ”Net & Gross Price” as price type, and input them.
  • You will then notice that the effective commission rate is automatically calculated based on your Gross and Net price.

3. Last step is providing which days the activity is available on, and then click on ”Save” to add your availability.


Now to preview how your product will look on the Extranet, simply click on ”Preview” in the left sidebar menu: 

  • The Travel Agent Portal is a tool that helps agents to find and book activities. 
  • You can find the bookings list on a second tool called the Extranet.

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