Amadeus Discover platform tutorial

How to start with Amadeus Discover?

Find below a simple guide to set-up and start using Amadeus Discover.

To create your account, click here.

Once in the login page, click on Register

Fill the form with the information require: first name, last name, your email  and create your password.

Your password should contain at least:

  • 8 characters
  • 1 uppercase letter
  • 1 lowercase letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character like ()[]!;,?.*-+/#{}=&$^%<>’

Once it’s done, click on “Register” and accept the term of use

Check your mailbox, you’ll receive an email from Amadeus Discover ( to verify your email address.

In the email, click on get started and another web page will open up.

Fill the form with the required information: type of organization, name of organization, postal address, phone number, email address, and your property website if you have one.

You have the option to start the registration by validating the email address and then come back later to complete it by filling in the organization information. For that, just click on ”Logout and finish later”.

Keep in mind that you must save the the username and password of the new account (set in the first registration step) to connect to channel application.

If you need to register a group, click on Go to group registration and fill the following information: group name, group postal address, a phone number, an email address and a property website.

1. Go to the login page.

2. Click on Forgot Password?“.

3. Enter your email address and click on Submit“.

4. You will receive an email from that allows you to create a new password. If you don’t see the email, check your spam mailbox or ask again to reset your password.

5. After clicking on the link in the email, you can reset your password by clicking on Update password and then you can re-log in with your new password.

What is a selection ?

A selection is a list of experiences that you want to regroup and share your guest.

Your guest will see the name and the different experiences of your selection(s) split in different tabs.

2 Steps: 

1. To create a selection, click on Catalog. You will find experiences near the address you have entered. You can search with keywords using the search bar or by scrolling through the list. You can also use the filter option on the + button to add activities to your selection. Once you have all the experiences you want to recommend, click on “go to step 2”. 


 While creating your list, you can have a preview by clicking on the blue cross next to the number of items you choose.

2. Define the name of your selection,  at this stage you can also customize the language, picture, and translation field and then click on the button create selection“. Your selection has been created!

1. On the homepage, go to the selection(s) that you want to edit, click at the top and select edit.

2. If you want to add experiences, click on Add items at the bottom of the page. You can add experiences by clicking on the + button of the desired one.

Once you have added experiences, click on “Update your selection” so your modification will be saved.

3. If you want to remove experiences from your selection, click on the button next to the experiences you want to remove.


Once your are done, save your  modifications by clicking on save”.

1. Once you have created your selection, click on share”.

2. If you want to share a selection(s) already created you can also share it afterwards. Go to the homepage under selections.

3. Select the selection(s) you want to share and click on share together. You can share multiple selections at once.

4. Define the “channel name”, the “type”(web link, web integration…) and the “touchpoints” then click on create channel”. 

Go to channel to find all the selections that you have already shared. You can edit the information if needed.

What is a channel?

A channel is a mean through which you will share your selection(s). Creating a channel allows you to generate the link or QR code to share your selection(s) or to share via your website the web integration.

You can share one or several selection in one channel.

1. Go to the homepage, select channel tab and click on the edit button to edit the channel.

2. Modify the channel name, the touchpoint, the location or the selection(s) within the channel.

3. Once it’s done, click on save”.

1. Go to the homepage and select selections.

2. Select the selection you want to display on your website and click on Share together”.

3. Select Web integration within the type menu. Complete the other required information and click on Create channel“.

4. Once it’s done, go to the homepage and select channels.

5. Click on the copy button of your channel and implement the HTML code directly into your website or share it with your webmaster. Your selection or your groups of selections will then be displayed on your website.

Your customers can either click on the link or scan the QR code to view your selections depending on how you have shared your selections with them.

If you have selected Web integration in the channel type, your customers will have access to your selections directly on your website.

Your customers will be able to see the experiences you have selected and book some of them directly online.

  • To share experiences, you first need to create a selection and then create the channel to share it. 
  • We highly recommend you to put the touchpoints in accordance with the location you have selected. For example, if you selected Reception desk, put your touchpoint in the Reception desk. 
  • The most recent channel created will be at the top of the Channel list.
  • You can find a pre built list with bookable activities once you register, you cannot modify it but you are free to share it or not.

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