Recommend the best local activities to your guests!

Amadeus Discover, a digital solution that allows you to offer and recommend the best local activities to your guests quickly and easily.

You can find below the different touchpoints available to communicate with your guest:

  • Poster and business cards for you to display at the reception or in the rooms,
  • Pre-stay or confirmation email banner to integrate into your emails,
  • Banner in the room directory,
  • Sticker for the rooms or for the cards.

How does it work?

:un:  Request and receive the touchpoint of your choice,
:deux:  When your guests access the lists, they will be able to see  all the activities,

:trois: They will be able to discover and book the activities quickly and easily.

Select the touchpoint that best suits you and fill out this form to receive your list and touchpoints as soon as possible:

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What are the benefits?

Find all the answers about the usability and personalization of the touchpoints

With the different touchpoints, you can quickly offer and recommend to your guests the best local tourist activities around you before they arrive at their destination and during their stay.

With the banner – when your guests receive their confirmation email they can start planning their trip, thanks to the list of activities you have selected. 

With the poster, business cards or/and sticker – you can offer and recommend them the activities through a QR code that they can scan at the reception or in their rooms.

Yes, our solution is totally free. How does work our business model? We earn a comission that we shared with your establishment for each activity booked on Amadeus Discover.