Good Advice


Extensive activity catalogue

Find a comprehensive list of activities, museums, attractions…. all things to do around your hotel displayed on a map! Including top 10 activities as well as off the beaten track activities. You will find lots of activities bookable directly online and all the others: ”one single source of information”. 

Browse a map of activities, museums and attractions around your hotel, from the most popular to off the beaten track. Where possible, activities can be booked online (light blue).


Share only the best advice

The activity catalogue is pre-selected and compiled by:

-Your hotel (your favorite activities and associates)

– by other local hotels

– by your local tourist information bureau or Destination Marketing Organization (DMO).

User ratings and reviews help you and your guests choose the best activities.


Personalize and professionalize

Amadeus Discover offers a single digital solution for pre-selecting and personalizing local recommendations based on your guest interests and needs, improving customer service and building trust in your brand. 

Easy sharing means your guests can visualize your recommendations in one place on their personal device.


A wide range of providers

All the information on unmissable attractions and local activities in a few clicks.

A single tool

Easy for you to share and easy for your guests to self-serve.


A personal touch

Tailor your recommendations to your customer needs in advance. 

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