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Referring to a selection of activities around your hotel

Hoteliers, offer your customers a simple and digitalized way to discover local activities!

How does it work?

:un:  Receive a free personalized poster to display in your establishment

:deux:  Your customers scan your poster with their cell phone
:trois:  They book the activities you have pre-selected

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What are the benefits?

Find all the answers on the usefulness and customization of your poster

This poster is customized for your hotel. By displaying it in your hotel for your customers to scan, they can access a list of activities personalized according to the location of your establishment.

It allows you to save time and offer an extra service to your customers.

This poster is completely free and its customization according to your needs too!

We get paid on the services booked and we pay you a commission on the activities booked following a sharing from you.

You can choose another image or change the activities in the selection at any time: contact us with your request and we will be happy to respond as soon as possible!