Find the perfect local experience for your followers with Amadeus Discover

Amadeus Discover platform helps content creators to provide personalized content to delight their followers

What is it?

Amadeus Discover for content creators

Amadeus Discover helps you as a content creator to access easily a large catalog of local experiences to share with your followers. You will receive on a weekly basis discounts and great deals to promote in order to continue engaging with your audience and earn commissions based on bookings.

How does that work?

Why work with us?

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Get access to a large catalog of things to do to inspire you on your next post

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Engage with your followers and share great deals with them

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Gain commissions on bookings for activity shared

Our catalog of experiences

Indoor activities
Outdoor activities
Museums & monuments
Food & drinks

Benefits for your followers

Benefits from discounted activities

Access to hidden gems activities 

Easily book activities online 

Do you want to learn more?

If you would like to know more about Amadeus Discover, book a demo, we will be happy to tell you more!

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