Booking management has never been
so easy

Amadeus Discover is the online booking software that connects you directly with your clients, from browsing through to payment

We cater to all types of activity providers

Amadeus Discover meets the needs of a wide range of activity providers

Easy-to-use solution

add to calendar

Manage your capacity and availability

Your availability is often unpredictable. Amadeus Discover gives you full oversight to manage reservations, even at the last minute!


Discuss your customers’ reservation

The conversation function makes it easy to evaluate your customers’ needs and help them find the activity that suits them.


Manage your capacity and availability

Choose and change time slots with ease

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Last minute

You can accept reservations even at the last minute

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Weather forecast

View the weather to accept or delay a reservation request

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No empty groups

Optimize the filling of your slots

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Staff availability

Know when your staff are available to modulate your booking calendar

Discuss your customers’ reservation

Chat with your customers any time through integrated chat

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Questions from your customers

Answer your customers' questions about the different services you offer

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Personalized services

Evaluate and respond to specific requests from your customers (group price, schedule, etc.)

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Customer profile

Evaluate your client profiles so that you can to create cohesive groups


Increase your visibility thanks to integration with local hotels

Get to know your customers better through direct chat

Deliver satisfaction via bookings in just a few clicks

Only 5% commission, all costs included

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