A la carte Advice


The right channel for each guest

For guests who prefer face-to-face service, Amadeus Discover allows your receptionist to easily share and customize a list of activities.

For your guests who are more comfortable with self-service, we have a range of solutions such as:  hotel’s website, kiosks, tablets, TV screen menus and more.


The right channel(s) for your hotel

A tablet at your front desk allows your receptionist to provide face-to-face advice in a clear, interactive and sharable format. Or free up your staff with our range of self-service solutions include a kiosk, a TV menu option in the guest rooms, a WIFI portal menu and pre-stay communication. Hotels can also include their recommandations on their website classified by theme or displayed on a map.



A la carte service

Face-to-face or via self-service options, offer your guests a personalized experience.

Multi channel

Select from a range of channels to suit your hotel and your guests.

Digitalize your advice

Communicate your recommendations quickly through sms, email or QR code or via your website.

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